BoyBovis is the solo project of poet and musician Sid Plimmer. His work is rooted in the imagery of changing rural landscapes, hard lives and the dreams and nightmares of an overactive childhood imagination.

            His latest release is the 6-track Music for Moss. This work of original material has been in development for a number of years. Mining a similar seam to his first release (the covers EP Some Folk(’s) Songs), in this collection he hones in on his personal experiences of growing up in the countryside. Tales of demons in fields, drunkards drowned and communities banding to expel those deemed outsiders wash up in a state of half-memories and half-dreams.

Ceramic Boxer

            Ceramic Boxer is an experimental and ever changing musical project by Jasmine Robinson. She affectionatley desribes the creation as the lovechild and offspring of herself and CLODHOP Records.

            Her first release which landed in May of last year was recorded over the winter and is a gentle, instrumental jewelry box of synthisizers and air instruments.

Mabel Clarke

            Formerly releasing under The Clarke Family Firm and Jesse Nicholls, Mabel Clarke’s writing shifts between drones and rocket-fuled energy—peaceful moments make way for sudden lurches into anxiety and jitteryness. They pull at hopes and fears, tying them up into a jumble of syncopated breathless panic attacks. Mabel Clarke croons to the general terrors of imagined lives.

            Glassware is the stories of people Mabel Clarke has had the honour of knowing. Friends, colleagues, acquaintances, heroes pile into the work. A large inspiration to Mabel is the concept of themes in music, a reprise, a doubling back. Some characters deserve to be revisited, observed again and again. Fragments of the people lie in others songs, constructing a narrative web around her social dilemmas.  

Watch Paint Dry

            Watch Paint Dry is the long running musical project belonging to Elsie Plimmer. Finding its feet in a bedroom in Somerset, the songwriting focuses on a fascination with rural traditions, everyday life and overheard conversations.

           “It sees Elsie doing what Elsie does best: creating an all-encompassing world (in this case a fictional holiday at a wonky version of Butlins) through a variety of mediums (in this case music, lyrics, drawing, photography, fonts, soundscapes, juice). It's an off-kilter, haunting and beautiful depiction of something that has long fascinated the artist. We hope that you take a studied look at it, follow that with a deep breath, close your eyes (apart from when you need to use them to read) and jump in. A bit like you might do at the outdoor swimming pool in a UK holiday park.” 

            - Bingo Records