CLODHOP Records was set up over the Christmas holidays in Wookey Hole 2022 as we (Elsie, Sid, Jesse and Jas) were discussing the autonomy of musicians and the idea of self releasing. We decided we’d prefer to work as a collective combining Art, Music and Film Making. This has been our catalyst to stay creative.

Here are our answers from a recent interview with the lovely people at Selout Zine.

It’s always so exciting to have a new record label in the S-E-L neighbourhood, what is CLODHOP all about?

Sid: CLODHOP is a means for all of us to define a ‘career’ in the music industry by our own terms. It’s a small, family enterprise where we boost each other up to greater heights than if we released our work solo. When one person releases, succeeds, makes just about anything - it benefits everyone. If you don’t have that strong backbone of intention, support and optimism behind your art you will eventually find yourself falling over.

Jesse: CLODHOP is all about releasing good music where the artists are able to have full control over the recording, artwork, music, videos and merch.

Why the name CLODHOP?

Sid: It has many meanings, all fundamentally connected to mud. I first heard my boss say clodhoppers when I was working on construction sites. It's a word for an agricultural or heavy duty boot. The label was formed on a hill in the Mendips, and two of us are from there, it felt important to retain this core part of the label. Something that distinguishes us and our outlook. It is also a word one can use somewhat disparagingly for a clumsy, inefficient person. I like that. Our name isn’t corporate or flash, it’s an honest indictment of how we often feel. The word CLODHOP is not an actual word but it would mean MUD HOP - to hop over the mud. That’s how I see our label.

How was your first big CLODHOP night?

Sid: It was brilliant! It felt like the label was made three dimensional. We belong in a space with real people, it’s hard to know how well you’re doing or who cares when it’s all behind a screen. And secondly, The Ivy House is a community-owned pub with ambitions not dissimilar to our own. They were a natural fit.

Jesse: It was very intimate and seated which worked well with all the music on the night and the handmade, less standard merch went down a treat. It was very fun and cute. We got a lot of live recording from the desk too so maybe that will get released.

Elsie: It was really special to feel like CLODHOP had now become a small community which included the audience too. Community is really important to us and the setting of the Ivy House feeling like a village hall only added to the atmosphere. Our friend Noah chanting “CLODHOP” and seeing everyone with patches and hats was a real highlight for me.

What’s coming up next?

Sid: We had a surge of releases when we started, I think we’re now slowing and all working toward projects that are slightly larger. We’ve released enough to feel real in ourselves, and the Ivy House was a heartening declaration of support from people. So we can take time, and we can think about where to go next. More live events is key.

Elsie: We’re hoping to keep growing the label so that we are able to involve more artists and to provide a platform that is entirely in their own control. It’s important that CLODHOP continues to be a place for exploring and experimenting with the strange and unusual forms that releases, merch and live performance can take. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to get on board in any way.